About the Owner

Being a mom from the corporate environment for close to 20 years I know what it is like to leave your children in the hands of a stranger. I therefore set out to deliver a first class nursery school where we provide top quality services.
I confidently employed the best staff handpicked by myself to make this happen and grant you the trust to look after your most precious.


Ommihoek Nursery School / Kleuterskool uses the Brainy Bob/Baby Bob program as base for educating your little one. There are 2 elements to the program:
Phase 1 from birth to 30 months.
Phase 2 for 30 months to 6 years.


Our lunches are prepared on site by our cooks. We make tasty meals for the little ones that they enjoy. We offer vegetables or salad as part of the daily menu, but also "sneak" some into the stews and Bolognese to ensure that they do receive the correct nutrition.

Play Areas

There are 3 play areas for age groups.
Area 1: under 1.5 years of age (Pooh Bear)
Area 2: around 1.5-3 years of age (Bambi and Nemo)
Area 3: 4-5 years of age (Dalmation and Mickey Mouse)


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