ommiHoek Kleuterskool / Nursery School is using the Brainy Bob/Baby Bob program as base for educating your little one. There are 2 elements to the program, Phase 1 from birth to 30 months and Phase 2, for 30 months to 6 years.

Phase 1 – birth to 30 months

The Baby Bob phase is subdivided 3 areas that will address your child’s stimulation and development on an age appropriate level. We do physical exercises with your little one to ensure development of fine and gross motor skills and art commence at 9 months. We introduce them and develop all their senses, touch, smell, taste, hear and seeing.

Phase 2 – 30 months to 6 years

Brainy Bob is a program for educating and developing children under the age of five years to their maximum potential. Brainy Bob is fully integrated with the curriculum and standards set by the education department and contain all eight of the basic learning areas.
Subjects such as science, math, language skills, cultural-and social development as well as art, motor skills and perception are incorporated throughout the year's program and even children that start at the group later in the year, will still receive some education in all the areas of learning.
It would be easy enough to use snazzy-big-intelligent words and overwhelm you with terms and methods, but there are many books in the library where you can read up about child education and teaching methods. So we tried to explain things in the easiest possible way. In the end it is the enjoyment and satisfaction experienced by the children and teacher that matters.
Brainy Bob is based on Christian ethics and Bible stories are written especially for young children. Children are not only taught learning skills, but educated in the values of life.
The program is divided into forty themes, providing enough material to cover the full year during usual terms to teach and educate the children in a Christian manner.
Activity games and exercises are planned in order to improve and develop motor movements and are repeated twice every week, as well as games which will promote and improve memory, eye movements and laterality.
In this program children are not taught to read or write in a formal way, but exercises for preparatory math and writing are included throughout the year. These children still have a lot of school going years ahead of them, so Brainy Bob is aimed at teaching in a playful manner, where they gradually get used to the classroom ethics. The lessons and stories aim to encourage participation by means of questions and discussions in such a way that toddlers don't even realize that they are being taught.



We are offering Kiddie Beat Ed as part of our curriculum and the children will have a music lesson once a week. Music is an integral part of human development and have many stimulating and calming qualities.


From the year when your child will be turning 4 the curriculum will included 1/1 session of 15 minutes once per week to introduce your child to basic computing skills and education. Your child will be able to do this at his or her own pace as this is individual time that is spent with your child by the computer teacher.



Sport and physical related activities are an integral part of childhood development. Not just for the enjoyment of the little ones, but also for related abilities like motor skills and hand eye coordination. For this reason we include a sport activity once a week at no extra cost. A seperate report will be done on the development of your child.

Organic Vegetable Garden:

We have an Organic Vegetable Garden where each child will plant their own seeds, look after the plants and harvest them when they are ripe. This teach the child about nature, source of food and the hard work that can go into producing something as simple as a tomato. These are then used in the cooking of the meals to ensure that they can also derive a reward from their toils.